00:00 Mata ng Agila International – October 5, 2023


01:20 PH water efficiency rises in 2-22

02:23 Rice inflation in September at its highest in 14 years

02:58 PH inflation surges to 6.1% in September

03:40 DOLE 15,000 vacancies for top 5 jobs nationwide

04:22 Pres. Marcos targets 100-M coconut trees planted by 2028

05:22 Typhoon Koinu exits PAR

06:24 PCG Chief: fishing boat at incident not connected to WPS tension

07:04 Netherlands seeks expanded naval industry ties with PH

11:00 How China uses grey zone tactics against Taiwan

11:50 UN downplays doom and gloom over China growth

14:19 Seoul, Washington monitoring possible halt in Pyongyang’s nuclear reactor

15:02 U.S. gives seized Iran ammunition to Ukraine

16:09 EU, Russia, and U.S. held talks days before Nagorno-Karabakh siege

17:23 Azerbaijan declines Armenia talks in Spain over mistrust of EU, Spain

18:15 Turkiye strikes Kurdish militants in retaliation for Ankara bombing

19:06 U.S. officials to visit Mexico amid rising tension over border, drug trafficking

20:33 New York AG on Trump comments: ‘I will not be bullied’

22:19 FBI ‘closely monitoring’ Trump supporters

23:12 Migrants take shelter in Costa Rice en route to U.S.

24:43 Locals skeptical of UN approved int’l force set for Haiti

27:25 Difficult decisions on Europe’s fate loom as leaders meet in Spain

31:31 Flash floods in India leave 14 dead, 102 missing

32:42 Tsunami advisory issued on Japan’s Eastern Islands

33:43 Second round of Fukushima wastewater release begins

34:50 Piot found dead as plane crashes in residential area of Colombian City

35:23 Rescue efforts continue after deadly building collapse in Cuba

36:19 More than 75,000 U.S. health care workers begin 3-day strike

38:17 UK axes key norther leg of costly high-speed railway

41:23 Biden cancels additional $9 billion student-loan debt

42:27 Three scientists win the Nobel Chemistry Prize for Quantum Dots

43:50 Brazil vows more aid as Amazon endures severe drought

47:52 Evergrande shares up by 42% amid investigations

48:43 Dutch shipbuilder sues EU state over Russia sanctions losses

49:34 TikTok tests ad free subscription tier

50:07 Tom Hanks warns of A.I. deepfake ad

50:45 Google’s new phone to run on A.I. on-device

52:31 Margarita Ochoa bags second PH gold medal in Asian games

54:04 SAG-AFTRA, studios resume negotiations

55:24 Late night shows resume after 5 months off the air

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